UFABET How to withdraw money


UFABET How to withdraw money Online Casinos can be played faster, worth more, directly from the security of our website.

UFABET How to withdraw money

UFABET How to withdraw money Online Casinos Casinos can be played faster, worth more, directly from the security of our website. If we consider Martial arts Of neighboring countries

Whether it is people

of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma that have a fight similar to Muay Thai, but it seems Phisanong, going to do the fighting of Muay Thai is more effective. This is not an exaggeration.

Because it has been proven both at the local and national levels

Until today The original goal therefore changed to sports. And more careers Competitive sports That must have rules set up.

In order to achieve justice

while competing for both parties In addition, it also prevents the exploitation of competitors.

And chaos that may occur Thai boxing is the same.

Rules must be established. Muay Thai rules in that first Have brought boxing rules as a model Later, there was an update.

To be suitable for the age That has changed As we already know that Thai boxing rules have been established to be the norm in competition.

And still being continuously developed We can divide into 2 eras as follows

Ancient Muay Thai rules There is no clear rule regarding the fight.

No punch match comparison has been made for weight, height, body size, age, amount of time or time for each lift.

The winning results are won by which side will give up.

Terminating the fight

Modern Muay Thai rules. Before fights, must wear a 4 ounce punch mitt and wear shorts. In the genitals, wearing chestnut Whether wearing a ankle strap or not The amulet can be tied to the upper arm on either side.

But must not harm the punch partner

The other amulets Can be worn only during the pay respect to the teacher dance then take off There is 1 referee on the stage, 2 judges on stage, 5 fighters per round, 3 minutes rest during 2 minutes.

Set as model According to the weight of the boxer

Like boxing rules The organs that are used to fight are punches, feet, elbows, knees, pedaling, or called Can use all parts of the body without limitation Except for biting For Thai boxing,

it is considered dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Have a main posture Which is a position to hold the opponent’s leg and then fracture by sitting over

How are you doing for Thai boxing? Can believe that Just try to open your heart. You will have fun, exciting and exciting in every bet. Register with us to get excited about our website today. 24 hours, we are ready to take care of you.

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